2017 Prime Time June 10-11 @ MI-3

2017 Prime Time June 10-11 @ MI-3



By Simmie Colson

JASMYNE DIXON (LCA)     HOUSTON, Texas- Prime Time has always given me a glimpse of players I hadn’t seen,…

2017 Prime Time Elite Hoops Showcase

2017 Prime Time Elite Hoops Showcase



By Simmie Colson

TYRAVEN LYNWOOD (PURPLE PRIDE)   PLANO, Texas- Another trip to the Dallas area proved exciting and eventful as well as…

2017 Clutch City Classic Tip Sheet

2017 Clutch City Classic Tip Sheet



By Simmie Colson

YUMON SIMIEN (RICE BLUE STORM LEGACY 16U)   HOUSTON, Texas- Prime Time Sports 2017 Clutch City Classic was definitely a…

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2017 Austin Elite RFW

Written by Simmie Colson on Tuesday, 20 June 2017 13:57.

'2017 TJS 2

ROUND ROCK, Texas- My first visit to the Round Rock Sports Complex definitely was a good one as the facility was very impressive and the set-up was ideal for me to navigate and watch multiple teams and players so I definitely caught plenty of talent. This was not my first look at Austin Elite who continue to be in the mix with players that go on to play at the next level and this squad is no different as they simply blew me away. In the 15 years I’ve been hanging out with Austin Elite coaches and founders Fonzelle Martin and Tommy Gregg, I’ve personally watched hundreds of their players  go on to play college ball. I can’t name them all off the top of my head but flashbacks and pictures definitely bring back memories

This year’s RFW squad is led by Diamond Morrison who blew me away last season and the Louisiana Lafayette commit will be on my Tip Sheet from the Tyrone Johnson Showcase that I’ll drop a little later. On day one, Manesha Knox and Keithia Burke, a couple of 6’0 players that can score in the paint or knock the midrange down definitely showed up and out. Knox displayed excellent post moves while Burke definitely operated nicely from the wing and both rebound on both ends of the court. Devon Williams is only a 2020 with a very bright future, so much energy and excellent timing to block and alter shots; she too rebounds well and at 6’2 can knock the long ball down with ease.


'2017 TJ Showcase


Speaking of knocking down the long ball with ease Kassadie Sanders can catch and shoot it from distance with the best of them and as far as accuracy, guard her once she enters the building. She and Mikaela Noe bring plenty of heat from the backcourt, I mean they never take a play off and only prove one more time, #sizedontmatter if you can play and believe me they can go. No let up with Daija Plana who brings so much heat I was glad the water was complimentary because I definitely was sweating. Excellent defender baseline to baseline and she’s explosive off the dribble

Logan Haller was definitely in the mix as she did the little things that might not come up in the box score but she also can score from mid to long range in fact I saw so many threes from so many players on this squad that the trailer from Pleasantville kept popping in my head and when Denae Lofton got going, awe man, three threes in a row on Championship Sunday in the semifinals with players hanging on her sort of sold me but her range is unlimited.

I love good stories and I truly love comebacks 2019 Jasmyn Taylor just left me speechless. She’s one of those players that’s not only a super athlete but can also play basketball. She explodes off the ground for rebounds and blocked shots over the rim, I’m serious plus she defends baseline to baseline and can score. This was truly a great event, I saw so much talent and stay tuned as I’ll drop more on here, Twitter and of course, the Gram so stay tuned and Fonzelle and Tommy, I had a blast, thank you all for the hospitality

The Next Level 101

Written by Simmie Colson on Saturday, 04 March 2017 13:00.

'17 syd and me


HOUSTON, Texas- I love bragging on my daughter and what she’s accomplished but I especially love telling people I told you so. I started my own scouting service because this stuff has and always will be political and even before our new president took office, I HATE POLITICS, but then again some people in certain positions don’t necessarily see things as they should, I’m talking basketball and nm, don’t wanna be sent to Guantanamo


Peep this, in 2012 over 100 players went on to play somewhere at the next level, over 40 signed early and this was the first season I started my scouting and recruiting service where I did a lot of “pro-bono” stuff and had a hand, either directly or directly, with around half of those players getting placed, I have the documentation to prove it unless Russia has hacked my account


Fast forward to the past two seasons and those numbers have dropped tremendously, in fact less than 20 players signed early the past two seasons so no matter what you think, what you are being told, I putt the numbers there for you and less that 4% of HS players play NCAA basketball and I’m talking all three divisions

Don’t be fooled by people who don’t know what they’re talking about, I actually know how this works, I’ve been pretty successful doing this and the money you save by just listening is well worth my fee so check it out and remember ”It’s not what you do, it’s what you do that makes sense”




Under The Radar

  • Player Pos
    Kayla White  G
    Jordan Ott G
    Rayven Patin G
    Tia Tolbert G
    Mikayla Schenck
    Katlyn Ghavidel
    Reagan Heun G
    D'Asia Collins PG 
    Jaquia White G
  • Player Pos
    Reagan Montgomery G
    Ginger Reece  F
    Claire Hale G
    Jessica Esclovon  F
    Jessica Cornelius G
  • Player Pos
    Katelyn Levings F
  • Player Pos
    Payton Andrews G
    Grace Smith  G

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