2017 Prime Time Lone Star Jam Tip Sheet part 2

2017 Prime Time Lone Star Jam Tip Sheet part 2



By Simmie Colson

J’Mani Ingram (Louisiana Storm)      DENTON, Texas- Day 2 of Prime Time’s Lone Star Jam let me get a…

2017 Prime Time Lone Star Jam Tip Sheet

2017 Prime Time Lone Star Jam Tip Sheet



By Simmie Colson

Brianna Kelley (Team Rise)   DENTON, Texas-Super weekend ended with me leaving Arlington for one event and closing with Prime…

2017 Queen of the South

2017 Queen of the South



By Simmie Colson

ALEXANDRIA CRAIN (URBAN HEROES ELITE ALEXANDER) ARLINGTON, Texas- The inaugural Queen of the South hosted by Nike Pro Skills, Missouri…

2017 Queen of the Court Tip Sheet day 2

2017 Queen of the Court Tip Sheet day 2



By Simmie Colson

CAMMIE MCKINNEY     DESOTO, Texas- A very enjoyable DC Queens Queen of the Court went smoothly and truly had…

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2017 Iron Sharpens Iron HS Tip Sheet session 2

Written by Simmie Colson on Monday, 10 April 2017 13:49.

'17 Iron Sharpens Iron HS sess 2

Taylor Jones and Myra Gordon guarding Jordyn Oliver

GLENN HEIGHTS, Texas- The second high school session of the Iron Sharpens Iron Showcase featured many heavy hitters I’ve been evaluating for quite a long time and the thing that truly impressed me about many of these young ladies that I knew would be able to play at the next level at an early age is the fact that they elevated their games. I also had a chance to see some new faces that were equally as exciting and talented. Here are a few names however always remember when I cover an event like this I evaluate a whole lot more and check my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages or, one more time, you just might miss something



Kayla White-guard (DFW Elite EYBL) when she was in the 7th grade, I just knew she was going to create problems. She elevates on her shot and at 5’10 that in itself creates problems for defenders. Her ability to score multiple ways from all over the court as well as her defense was always there, now she’s handling the ball well in traffic and seeing the floor, can play multiple positions

Amber Bacon –guard- when you can push the ball under pressure and hit teammates on the money that definitely catches my eye. Bacon’s athleticism and ability to hit some tough acrobatic shots changed momentum; on top of that she loves to defend

Tatyana Hill-forward-One of the most improved players I saw at the camp. She had size, strength and was definitely a college player but talk about elevating status. She battles in the paint on both ends, finishes with players hanging on her, runs the floor and just won’t quit

Sydney Hardeman-guard (Pro Skills) I always say colleges love big guards that can score from outside and the La Tech signee has always been able to do that. Hardeman has expanded her range and creates off the dribble in traffic. I think her finishing strong with contact has definitely added another dimension

McKinnley Douglas-forward- first look was definitely a good one, good body and isn’t afraid to use it, Finishes strong in the paint, with either hand, runs the floor and also rebounds on both ends of the court

Lauren “LoLo” Davenport-guard (Pro Skills) knew she was a legitimate D1 player before her growth spurt and now standing a shade over 6’0, she has simply taken her game to another level bringing multiple dimensions of ways to score. That pull-up is a work of art, strong finisher, attacks from anywhere but can shoot the ball mid to long range well

Uchenna Nwoke-post-6’6 players don’t come around often especially when they’re serviceable. Good body, rebounds on both ends, alters shots and does a good job defending. Nice hands and can finish but on top of all that, her best basketball is ahead of her

Bre’asiajah Matthews-forward (Urban Heroes) she’s long and athletic while standing 6’0 tall so that in itself are assets for the next level. Can rebound on one end, pass to teammate and finish on the other end ahead of everyone. Excellent jumping ability, monster blocks galore during event, good defender and scorer

Alexia Martin-PG- not only is she athletic and can handle the ball under pressure, she also sees the floor and knows how to set teammates up for baskets. Quick step combined with ability to create her shot in tight spots is a definite plus but so is the mid to long range shooting exhibition she put on



McKinzie Green-guard (DFW Elite EYBL) as a 6th grader, I knew this young lady was on the right track and fast forward to now she’s on the fast track. Explosive off the dribble, stop and pop in traffic or just taking it to the rim, she finds ways to score and she can do it in droves

Bria Patterson-forward- does many things at 6’0 like handle the ball coast to coast under pressure and attack the basket from the wing. Vey athletic, runs the floor and finishes plus she has good hands and a soft touch

Payton Hicks-PG- first time I saw her way back I told someone this is Payton’s Place and although the name might be different, her game definitely showed signs of being something to see and it is. Smart PG that can run a team, score when needed, handle pressure and make teammates better

Jordyn Oliver-Guard (Pro Skills) another young lady I knew would do big things at a young age however she has done all of that and some. Handles the ball under pressure, sees the floor, defends, I knew for a fact that wouldn’t be a problem but what she does even better is score in the flow and before you know it, the stat sheet is full

Zoe Young –guard- it would take less characters to type what she can’t do but then there aren’t any. She just has “it” and brings it every play. Mid to long range is no problem or attacking off the dribble, loves to defend, handles the ball well and sees the floor. At 5’10, she can play multiple positions at the next level

Taylor Jones-post- at 6’3 she can do quite a few things very well. Excellent timing enables her to block or alter shots, runs the floor and can catch the ball and finish while doing so. Also finishes in the paint, can face the basket and score, good rebounder and defender


Myra Gordon-guard (Urban Heroes) when you watch little sisters absorb big sisters games at an early age, usually something like this happens. She’s passionate on the court; loves to set defenders up to attack basket but that range continues to expand to different time zones. Big guard that defends and rebounds on both ends

The Next Level 101

Written by Simmie Colson on Saturday, 04 March 2017 13:00.

'17 syd and me


HOUSTON, Texas- I love bragging on my daughter and what she’s accomplished but I especially love telling people I told you so. I started my own scouting service because this stuff has and always will be political and even before our new president took office, I HATE POLITICS, but then again some people in certain positions don’t necessarily see things as they should, I’m talking basketball and nm, don’t wanna be sent to Guantanamo


Peep this, in 2012 over 100 players went on to play somewhere at the next level, over 40 signed early and this was the first season I started my scouting and recruiting service where I did a lot of “pro-bono” stuff and had a hand, either directly or directly, with around half of those players getting placed, I have the documentation to prove it unless Russia has hacked my account


Fast forward to the past two seasons and those numbers have dropped tremendously, in fact less than 20 players signed early the past two seasons so no matter what you think, what you are being told, I putt the numbers there for you and less that 4% of HS players play NCAA basketball and I’m talking all three divisions

Don’t be fooled by people who don’t know what they’re talking about, I actually know how this works, I’ve been pretty successful doing this and the money you save by just listening is well worth my fee so check it out and remember ”It’s not what you do, it’s what you do that makes sense”




Under The Radar

  • Player Pos
    Kayla White  G
    Jordan Ott G
    Rayven Patin G
    Tia Tolbert G
    Mikayla Schenck
    Katlyn Ghavidel
    Reagan Heun G
    D'Asia Collins PG 
    Jaquia White G
  • Player Pos
    Reagan Montgomery G
    Ginger Reece  F
    Claire Hale G
    Jessica Esclovon  F
    Jessica Cornelius G
  • Player Pos
    Katelyn Levings F
  • Player Pos
    Payton Andrews G
    Grace Smith  G

Area HS Top 10 plus