2017 Prime Time June 10-11 @ MI-3

2017 Prime Time June 10-11 @ MI-3



By Simmie Colson

JASMYNE DIXON (LCA)     HOUSTON, Texas- Prime Time has always given me a glimpse of players I hadn’t seen,…

2017 Prime Time Elite Hoops Showcase

2017 Prime Time Elite Hoops Showcase



By Simmie Colson

TYRAVEN LYNWOOD (PURPLE PRIDE)   PLANO, Texas- Another trip to the Dallas area proved exciting and eventful as well as…

2017 Clutch City Classic Tip Sheet

2017 Clutch City Classic Tip Sheet



By Simmie Colson

YUMON SIMIEN (RICE BLUE STORM LEGACY 16U)   HOUSTON, Texas- Prime Time Sports 2017 Clutch City Classic was definitely a…

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2017 Queen of the Court day 1 Tip Sheet

'17 QOC Jazzy Owens


DESOTO, Texas- I hadn’t attended DC Queens “Queen of the Court” event for the past two seasons however based on previous visits, I definitely knew what to expect, plenty of young unseen talent that I probably hadn’t had a chance to take a look at. Well I got all of that and then some and I tried to catch every team that sent in a roster to me at least once but one thing is for certain, I truly make an effort to catch “stars of tomorrow” and I definitely caught some that are going to be just that. I’m breaking down the Tip Sheets, I’ll start this one with the opening day players that caught my eye and the next one will be those from day 2 but again, please remember to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook because I add a lot of information, as well as pictures. Back to the rosters, I truly need as much information as possible, I operate a scouting and recruiting service that helps players get to the next level and I’m constantly talking to college coaches across the country so when I ask for something, please try and do it in a timely manner because it makes it easy on me. Here are 15 from opening day


Jennifer Yates-post (Team Rise Blue) one of three posts over 6’0, Yates appears to be around 6’2, very athletic, runs floor, defends inside and on perimeter , rebounds and blocks a whole lot of shots. Still has upside, can finish


Molly Kaiser-guard (Nike Texas Select) talented guard whose athleticism combined with a tad of acrobatics was something to see. Went behind her back and changed hands for the and one, while in the air but numerous finishes with contact showed me something. Can score from outside as well as defend

Jennifer Reece-guard (DC Queens Select) one of many talented players on this squad but her athleticism, ability to anticipate passes for baskets and attacking strong from the wing and finishing with contact were definite pluses. Good defender, can score from outside


Adhel Tac-post (NTX Lights Out) aggressive in the paint, on both ends as she simply battles and I mean battles, for everything. Strong, athletic, runs the floor and finishes with players hanging on her. Appears to be around 6’2 but that “Fire and Desire” is a definite hit

Morgan Hill-post (Skyrise Harris) when you block a shot on one end and finish on the other to start the game off, I definitely notice, especially when you’re long, athletic and 6’2. High energy player that has plenty of upside, great timing, nice hands and footwork around the basket, soft touch

'17 QOC Zoe Francis



R’Mani Taylor-guard (Skyrise Edmond) the first time I wrote about this young lady I said she was going to be a terror in this town, well that terror has no boundaries as she simply keeps elevating her game. She can score from anywhere, brings heat on D and makes those her around her better but the poise she now shows on the court definitely has her in a good position on the national scene

Destinee Baker-PG (Lady Jets) I truly enjoy watching heady point guards that understand the game, play within themselves and don’t make the same mistakes twice and Baker truly is showing prototype PG skills with the ability to score. Sees floor very well, good defender

Ariana Bracey-forward (Team Motivate 2021) her first step enables her to do so many things offensively, she can blow by defenders for baskets or stop on a dime and pop the midrange. Handles the ball well, aggressive defender

Zoe Francis-forward (DC Queens West Texas) powerful scorer finishes strong with contact. Good defender that also rebounds well on both ends. Can face basket and score, good upside


Jazzy Owens-guard (Pro Skills 2022 Black) when you’re young and understand playing the passing lane, how to trap, and when to switch, that’s all good but when you’re athletic, can create your own shot and finish with players hanging on you, that’s more than good. Owens is a monster in the making, so much energy on both ends that she’s definitely going to make a lot of noise

K’Mani Sanders-guard (DC Queens Orange 2021) finishes strong going to the basket, aggressive defender and can handle the ball under pressure. Also can rebound and has plenty of upside


Brandi Jones-forward (Cy Fair Evans) strong body, rebounds well on both ends, plays strong defense, finishes and can face the basket and score

Destiny Briscoe-guard (DC Queens 2023 Blue) abundance of athleticism has this young lady all over the place and not only does that create turnovers but easy baskets. She can finish with contact but that heat on D is ahead of the game

'17 QOC 3rd graders



Ryan DeSouze-guard (DC Queens Silver 2026) glad I shot some pictures of the 3rd grade division, several stars of tomorrow and DeSouze will be one of them. Attacks relentlessly and can finish, nice pull-up and already plays passing lanes

Kamil Ajose-guard (Lady Bears) relishes pressure, wants to talk the last shot, knows how to get to the basket, creates from the perimeter and can score multiple ways and when you do all of that at this age….#TrustMe 


Area HS Top 10 plus