2017 Prime Time June 10-11 @ MI-3

2017 Prime Time June 10-11 @ MI-3



By Simmie Colson

JASMYNE DIXON (LCA)     HOUSTON, Texas- Prime Time has always given me a glimpse of players I hadn’t seen,…

2017 Prime Time Elite Hoops Showcase

2017 Prime Time Elite Hoops Showcase



By Simmie Colson

TYRAVEN LYNWOOD (PURPLE PRIDE)   PLANO, Texas- Another trip to the Dallas area proved exciting and eventful as well as…

2017 Clutch City Classic Tip Sheet

2017 Clutch City Classic Tip Sheet



By Simmie Colson

YUMON SIMIEN (RICE BLUE STORM LEGACY 16U)   HOUSTON, Texas- Prime Time Sports 2017 Clutch City Classic was definitely a…

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2015 HoopAHolics shows #sizedontmatter

2015 HAH deuce reed


One things about me folks in case you haven’t picked on it, when I cover something, I COVER it and  I love watching talented young players compete because no matter how much training you do or who you are trained by,  YOU must implement what you learn from these people in game situations. I study the skill segments of camps for a number of reasons and one of my main focuses is on small guards because if your small, you must play smart and it helps when you have some speed or deceptiveness on the court as well as being skilled as well as being able to knock some shots down and defend but the bottom line is you gotta handle the pressure when you’re dribbling the ball, it’s just that simple.  Here’s my segment on guards 5’3 or shorter and you’ll see me using #sizedontmatter so you may want to reference that down the road because if you can play, you can play and these young ladies defitely showed me something 


Hailey Arredondo-just did so many things well offensively but ball handling and ability to create shot stood out

Alexis German-already made multiple tip sheets; she just has much in her bag of tricks that can create problems for defenders

Alexis Smith-Like German, she’s hard to defend and just keeps coming at you

Makenna Long- another player with the right name because she can shoot from mid or LONG range, speed has picked up as well as ability to shoot off dribble

Madison Cockrell- good court vision and ball handling under pressure. Showed she could create shot and hit midrange


Kayla Glover-right last name because you better be ready for the GLOVE  R you’re going to be in trouble. You don’t understand the importance of being able to defend at a young age, you can’t teach that and KG simply brings enough heat to melt ice

Mia Topping-right last name because she gets better every time I see her. She is a prototypical PG that can defend baseline to baseline and her ability to read defenses at this age staggers my mind

Vasana Kearney-one of those kids that never takes a play off, loves to hustle and apply pressure. She always could create her shot, her catch and shoot skills have definitely gotten better

Kiara Jackson- first step is deadly, so is the floater but knowing how to make the entry pass is a huge plus

Masa Al Noubani-handled ball well in open court but defense blew me away, very active

Jordyn Robinson-definitely relishes heat, bringing and applying. Showed good court vision and created her shot well

Aiken Semones-I can’t tell you how impressed I am with her as she keeps adding to her game over the past three years.  Unlimited range and comprehension is always good, she has both

Autumn Smith- I know its winter but Autumn is working year round and it shows.  High BB-IQ at a young age is always a plus, she’s like a sponge and sees floor very well plus, she can score and defend

Z’Mya Cox- did a great job in skill segment but in game situation she was fearless on both ends. Showed a good midrange


Deucee Reed-perfect whole name because either she scored or dished for two points, DEUCEE,  but her defensive tenacity as well as being able to REED the floor sold me early. She keeps coming at you, on both ends

Gabby Nunez- love seeing small guards that can launch missiles and make them, Nunez does it effortlessly

Deja Hinson-flashy guards that can play always impress me, love the handles, ability to get to the rim and the reverse lay-up over two defenders is forever embedded in my mind


Zya Vann-huge upside, already gets it against older players, good job in skill segment

Camryn Tade-looked comfortable going through drill, comprehension is definitely on point

Kassidy Godley-loved energy on defense, did a great job in drills

Aubrey Lyda-took defenders off dribble, good mid and long range shooter

Taysie Valderas-looked great in skills, handled pressure against older players well, can create shot

Victoria Flores-played the tape over and over to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing on one play, C2C while handling in traffic, huge upside


Area HS Top 10 plus